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"Hopefully, someday, we can all live in a world where they sell this sort of thing at Best Buy."

...and Patrick Macias will be a cohost of Access Hollywood!

I'm editing THE ART OF KATSUYA TERADA; although we already had about 100 pieces of his picked out from the last decade, I think I'll ask him if we can run something from this box set. He's a good English conversationalist. I think the English edition of his SAIYUKIDEN DAIENOH actually turned out better in print than the Japanese.

That's the thing about working with digital originals (despite his painterly style, he is an all-digital artist)—going to the printer with them is like answering an essay question; there isn't necessarily one correct result. Printing, for something so flat, is a remarkably three-dimensional and mechanical challenge. It's always good to remember that the only "real" book is not what you saw on your screen, but what will actually get printed. Calibrating these two things is where the true finesse comes in.

Oh, yeah, 007, etc. They need to figure out some way to get SPECTRE back in the films. I have a vague memory of a SPECTRE-like organization in an episode of SPEED RACER ("A secret meeting is about to take place, secretly") where a flunky was executed by means of a poisonous snake springing forth from the chairman's buttonhole. I know that sounds like a metaphor for childhood sexual abuse, but I recall the scene did go something like that.

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