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Don't sell yourself short in the bishonen department. By the way, when it comes to family restaurants, how does Skylark stack up? I understand that most of PATLABOR 2 was planned out in one, which must have made the martyred spirits of ni ni roku very confused.

Why Carl, I didn't know you cared! Never been to a Skylark. Sounds cool. I imagine an EE "Doc" Smith theme inside. Lensman milk tea. Lensman doria rice..

In a city full of fetish parlors for every stripe (so long as you're male), it's about time something like this came along. Did you feel like a reverse Stepford Wife? Or was it more like that episode of Star Trek where they crash-landed on a planet run by women?

Carl told me about this blog and it is pretty damn awesome. I am suprised that these theme cafes hasn't been brought over to the US like this. I guess the closest is Hooters but that is more sexy then cute (Or is it slutty?).

"You ah slut!"
—Arnold Schwarzenegger, CONAN THE BARBARIAN

If Toranoana and Mandarake can show up at U.S. cons, why not have some of these cafe establishments set up a booth or pavillion? It's true they would have to deal with filthy otaku, but then that's pretty much the business model in Japan.

Couple of problems, ya know.

One of them being the concession rights most centers have, which means no no to Nanette-chan.

Then you've got the issue of food service, licenses, waivers from health departments, etc.

But the biggest issue? seriously? Getting cute girls in cosplay actually interested in 'service industry' style work. It's not just standing around and having people take your picture, it's actually *serving* while undergoing the deep shame of being leered at by Ameriotaku.

course, anyone managing to make it work would make a bundle. Steve Bennett's got the mad pimp daddy skillz to get the girlies...


You're thinking like a man who doesn't want to make a lot of money.

Oh, Carl, I don't have the skills and money to make such a thing happen. It *could* be done and someone would make a bundle. Get some co-op ad deal with an anime or manga company to have the girls dress up from some property and it's easy street to the bank.

But in *Japan* one could walk in and shout "Beer and handjobs for all my men!" and it could happen....

The *real* trick, I think, is making the experence portable. No, not the handjob, the Maid Cafe. You couldn't count on the venue of the day having proper tables, chairs (able to support 400 lb. Ameriotaku), serving counter, storage, cash register security, balh blah...

Jesus with a stardrive, I'm talking myself into it...KILL ME!

Let's cut to the chase here. It's just porn for women. Yay.

Suzie, the porn is two reports up, on Otome Road. This here is lapdancing for women.

God, those Japanese Subcultures, I can't never understand them. =_= (I mean, what's so appealing about maids, panties, pale men that looks awfully like women, women who crossdress as men for the only purpose to fufill female otaku's BL fantasies, 10 years old girls in school uniform that clutch their hands to their chest while blushing like hell and say "onee-sama", etc. No, I will never understand...)

I'd so like to go to this place now!! It sounds very interesting and anything that'll satify my moe for bishounen is good in my eyes. Hey I hope they got alot 'a bleach doujinshi over there =^_^=

the bishounen otaku approves(btw I'm a girl for those with any questions).

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