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This would be an excellent time to ask if that Dr. Z movie ever became avilable in any way, shape, or form.

I am deeply ashamed by the cover art. I'm going to watch KARATE BULLFIGHTER and KARATE FOR LIFE until this passes.

The shame will never pass.

The only thing to help me is Karate Bearfighter. I wanted to get the other two films but fucking Best Buy cycles their 'niche' product so fast now if you don't grab it in the first week it's on the shelf you've got a 80% chance it's gone a week later.

Can't find a copy of 'Rat Patrol' season one to save my life.

Currently plowing through the first half-season box of 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea'...man, was that an awkward show at some points, but I still love it.

When's that Chiba ninja series coming out, Patrick? I assume you've been tapped for liner notes and the like :)

Mums the word on a lot of future projects, sadly. However, I do wish I had worked on the Best of the Electric Company boxset...

OH NOZE! Patrick has entered 'cannot either confirm or deny' land!!!

Well...I just hope that if someone happens to be working on some such thing or things, NOT THAT I'M SAYING YOU ARE, you know...maybe pass the word that double side dual layer DVDs are known to be a consistant problem and single side DVDs have better presentation and make rental stores much more happy, as well as fewer replication problems...

NOT THAT YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO MIGHT BE...ahhh screw it...if you gots a gig, good on ya, bud! :)

Patrick has been in that land a long time; for example, he was planning the Iraq War as early as 1996. It was originally supposed to be in the form of a LD box set, but somehow got turned into an actual full-scale invasion.

And here I thought all this time he was just watching episodes of Godman and laughing his ass off...then writing a book on how all those 'short form' shows were really tied together in the same universe...

Or working on his Robot Detective K cosplay...

Someone say Godman? Here's episode one...


well, that's damn frustrating to try and watch over 33.6 dialup, but it's enough to confirm a couple of things-

I still freakin' LOVE the OP theme. Ichiro's long version has some amazing wah wah guitar stuff going on, then the OBOE kicks in on the third chorus...

All the years I had heard of Godman, I had never seen a picture of the titular character. That's...some wild hair he's got going on...

Not sure if the OP credit is a good thing, because it looks overall Godman is getting his ass handed to him...

I wager American children would go wild over this...*sigh* I hate the current marketplace...

I'd like to think that Godman is somehow a not-to-distant relation to Megloman. It's the hair...

I don't know...my 4 year old nephew is crazy about Spider-Man, which means he's ripe for the Electric Company, the crazy ass Toei show,
and even those Mark of the Man Wolf book and record sets where Peter Fernandez played Peter Parker.

Call me crazy? For a LONG time I thought the Electric Company version of Spider-Man was the BEST Spider-Man EVER..just had the moves, the style..that was a woman in that costume, right? I just figured, from the movement...but that's OK, because the point was 'serve the character' and it was Spider-Man...

I'm not making any sense at all now, am I?

Loved the Toei Spider-Man too, but for different reasons. Damn, I wonder how complicated that would be to bring to the US on home video. Assuming that Toei had any sense to bring out fun stuff...if I was in charge...oh, if I was in charge...

I didn't dig SESAME STREET as a kid, but I thought THE ELECTRIC COMPANY was on the for rilla tilla my nilla. My favorite feature, of course, was Spider-Man.

It may be true in some respects that the 1970s were, in the words of Art Alexakis, a "wretched slum of a decade," but they were a garden of earthly delights—in the Boschian sense—for children's pop culture. Six-armed, half-naked demons in the MONSTER MANUAL ("Recommended for players 10 and up"). EERIE, CREEPY, and yes, 1984 on the bottom magazine rack of Bible-Belt supermarkets. And Patrick, do I recall that Kojak book-and-record line correctly? Was it in fact "Ready to feel the cold steel, old man?"

Not to kill your dial up even more, Steve, but this toob's for you...episode one of Toei Spider-Man, fansubbed for maximum copyright violation.



I believe the line was "How does that cold steel feel against your neck, old man?" Beats anything in the Golgo 13 movie.

Ohh, Carl....you're forgetting one of the best things of the '70s...something that to this day I have warm, dare I say passionate daydreams of...

The Monster Times.

A monthly 'newspaper magazine' that celebratedall kinds of crap, with heavy coverage of Japanese monster movies and Hammer stuff, a breath of fresh air when 'Famous Monsters of Filmland' seemed...dull...

Not to put down Forry Ackerman, he just had a different 'vibe' in his love.

The staff of TMT would fit right in on our discussions..or better yet, you and Patrick would have been key writers...

It died sometime....hmmm...before 1977 I think, but the few years it was around, it was something to see.

I believe much of the staff went on to work on Starlog et al, I know for sure Allen Asherman did....

Hm. Wonder if there might be a market for a 'free press' style newspaper magazine, with a flip wisecracking style...The Anime Times?


I found a fat stack of Monster Times - maybe 20 issues for 10 bucks - at an antique store in San Francisco about six years ago. Never could find it in the shops when I was a kid. "Karloffornia" was totally in Uncle Forry's pocket. Consequently, so was I.

Was Monster Times mostly an east coast thing? They had a LOT of DC and Marvel coverage. I promptly used several monster ad mats for the kaiju chapter in TokyoScope. I loved the theme issues they did, like the all EC issue, and those awesome pull out posters...fuck. Loved the harsh 2-color look of it all. The Green Slime issue, which was (wait for it) mostly printed up in green was a keeper.

I kept them behind my desk at Viz. Then a rat came in shit all over them and tore them up to use them for bedding. Had to throw them all out.

Is that any worse than having dad toss them out like in the beginning of Creepshow?

The harsh 2-color (and sometimes 3) just sealed the deal for me...The Monster Times felt..smelled...like cheap theaters showing Godzilla Vs. Megalon.

Best coverage of Green Slime I ever saw was in TMT. I think FM gave a page to it once, somewhere...

TMT celebrated Nick Adams and Vic Morrow and true 'sensawunda'.

I think TMT was kinda east coast..I know the publisher's office was in NYC, and they had a fairly decent distro deal..heck, found my first issue in a drugstore magazine rack...it was the Rodan cover..I think it was all purple-ish...

Mine are in storage. they've probably crumbled like the Dead Sea Scrolls. Fuck.

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