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Having just listened to the first "epsiode" I can say that you're truly a visionary for not employing Microsoft Sam as your choice for the text to speech segment. I always wanted to use whatever it was that MC Hawking was done with. I think that was accomplished using Willowtalk or something else you can no longer download anywhere, but the same voice was employed by both that Whatever Happened to Robot Jones cartoon which I never watched as well as the Wonder Showzen Q&A.

Regrettably, the discussion did not venture towards the subject of yo-yos as weapons...YET.

"You mean the Toei movie?"

This whole conversation reminds me of the scene in 1984 where Winston Smith is plying the aged prole with beer and trying to get him to say what the old days were really like. "And 'eyenas...'e definitely called 'em 'eyenas. Of course he was referring to the Labour Party you understand."

Sorry if Tomo is hard to understand sometimes. More Japanese people are going to be interviewed shortly. I'm hoping to get Peter Fernandez to dub all of them.

Oh, no, I didn't mean it that way. I've had many valuable conversations with Tomo, a good percentage of which seemed to revolve around the sexual preferences of our favourite Japanese anime and manga creators. I meant more the pachinker-like inquiry into the past the interview represented, rebounding off our preconceptions yet gradually descending into the memory hole, after which we can trade it for prizes. However, if you CAN feature an optional Peter Fernandez dub track, I'm all for it. I also liked the reading you conducted at the end. By the way, I was pleased to run into Jaime in NYC, who was representing Stone Bridge at the Javits Center.

Interesting having a tarot reading at the end.

As you wander through the byways of Japan and strive to stumble across interesting things please keep you eyes out for Edo period card decks.

I don't mean hanafuda decks but European cards localized for Japan in the Edo Period. I've seen pictures of some beautiful works, imagine a Prince of Swords as a samurai. These did exist and I'd love to find out if anyone is making replicas.

For Daryl: MC Hawking was done on a Macintosh. I'm trying to remember which voice his was but it's definitely Mac text-to-speech.

MC Hawking used willowtalk

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