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"Goddamn Claymated slut, it's pretty obvious."

The Sha-Na-Na guys were in Yoyogi as late as 1987. I wonder when they got the high-buttoned boot of the loli-Goths?

In VOYEURS, INC., the heroes evoke the name of "Yusaku Matsuda" the way BLAZING SADDLES used "Randolph Scott."

"The Cools, huh? That fuckin' band? In that case, you ain't goin' nowhere but to hell!" Beats the fuck out of "Alice's Resturant!"

Holy Crap, that was awesome.


Oh Cools...So Nice!

Suprising to me that they drop the F-bomb a coupla times during the spoken-word intros...not really something I'd expect from a 50s nostaglia act from the 70s. A Cools Variety Show would have been, well, cool.

The Violent Classroom movie kinda IS the Cools Variety Show. Hopefully, someone will pick the flick up and sub it soon.

Didn't realize it until after I'd put up the podcast, but the Cools actually *did* lay down some tracks once with Sha Na Na. Wonder why they weren't invited on the Sha's show. Now furiously searching YouTube for proof that maybe they did...

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