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Mr. Abe, years ago Patrick introduced me to your website, which we read with shared amazement. Seeing your photo, you look kind of fly! Almost *nobody* can pull off a mustache these days, yet you did. It's kind of the naked soul of Koji Wakamatsu, 1967. I don't know if you're into this kind of thing, but have you considered maybe a collarless shirt in dark puple silk?

Technically speaking, it's not quite a "podcast" if it's not being delivered via a feed, but since you ran into a roadblock when trying to set that one up yesterday, I decided to try and find out the solution to your problem. Give this a shot:

On your Weblogs tab, click the Edit Configuration link for the weblog you want to edit, then click the Preferences link to open the Preferences page. There should be an option called "Number of posts to display on front page of your weblog," and you can specify like "180 days worth" or whatever. That should reduce the size of the feed enough for the sites to accept it.

Of course, since you link to more audio files than just podcast episodes, you may need to set up a special "Podcasts" category/feed so it knows not to say that "Mind of a Lunatic" MP3 is an episode of your podcast. This should all be on some configuration screen you've got.

I haven't been able to actually download the latest episode and listen to it yet. The connection keeps getting reset on me.

Many years ago a friend of mine pointed out that young people these days are so boring. To give you an idea how many years ago it was I pointed to Carl as an exception to his view.

In these times it is people like Kojiro Abe that give me hope for the youth of today.

In fact, the only thing missing from Mr. Abe's commentary was a casual remark about how he was gonna go hang out with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and shoot some porno flicks. My God, even our terrorist groups have gone way downhill. You can't imagine the Taliban welcoming today's Japanese filmmakers with open, machine-gun toting arms. Fortunately you don't have to imagine it, as Kenta Fukasaku brings it all to life in vivid color.

Flyers in Dallas on Nov 22, 1963 read KOSHER TEAM: KENNEDY KASTRO KRUSHCHEV. Now we can add KAZUO KOIKE to that:


I don't know if it is proper to make requests, but for a future Namida lead-in you might wish to contemplate "Jugband Blues."

passable day!
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P.S. Sorry for my english.

Hi Patrick,

sorry for posting a comment on such an old blog post.

What's the title of the song played at the beginninh of this podcast interview with Kojiro Abe?
You have awesome taste in music.

And where is Kojiro Abe these days?

Hey! No worries, glad to hear the "old stuff" is still holding up.

I had to break out my old HD, but here's the answer. Opening track is:

01 - Archaeopteryx - Fire Dept. from the album 'Elpee for Another Time'

You can see what Jules has been up to of late via



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