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Why am I crying!

Let me guess...your tears are hot and shameful.

"Oh yes!"

"Is there any danger of your parents coming in, and sort of checking? I mean, what would they think if they saw you, kind of, doing IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES with a couple of puppets in the basement?"

By the way, for some reason, when my iTunes is arranged by artist, Hot Tears of Shame is followed directly by the 139th Psalm, read in Hebrew. The sentiments of King David on this occasion were not inappropriate to the programme.


"Bush is the king of the world," said Zafar Abbas, 24, a Pakistani hospital record keeper. "I like that he's coming here. We can't defeat him. God has given him a lot of power and military muscle."

I hear when you eat at the revolving markalite resturant at the Mysterian dome capes are required. Ties are optional.

Oh god, what's the music used in the opening? I must know.

It's a cocktail jazz cover of Boney M.'s Sunny from a Japanese 'How to be a Playboy' instructional record.

I guess there's no chance of me acquiring an mp3, huh?

As soon as I get over this debilitating computer crash, it is entirely possible. The big question is, what 'cha got for me?

I've got a number of things! Depends on what ya want. Most of what I got are anime songs, if that catches your interest.

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