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"So I was a very popular girl in high school." Astonishing! Never mind Mitsuru Adachi, she sounds like a manga by Giyuugun. And again we hear of the same, mysterious romance that Denny's has for la Japonaise. Robert de Jesus once told me that after raking in another five million yen in unmarked bills at each Comike, Kenichi Sonoda treats his collaborators to a lavish meal at Denny's.

"Is this the same 'Denny's' we have in America?" I asked. "Yes, it's so American, that's why he likes it." For some reason I have the urge to visit my local Yoshinoya and chatter to the counter staff: "Oh! Japan! Yes! Geisha! Oh! Samurai! Japan! Oh! Ninja! Japan, ha ha ha!"

I sometimes go to the Denny's in Kichijoji where I'm told Shoji Kawamori can often be found sucking down udon and American steak.
The Muzak there is some of the loudest and most extremely unpleasant anywhere on the globe.

Carl, you OK, man? That sounded almost hysterical, manic...

I mean, I can easily see Sonoda thinking Denny's was da bomb. And building his own personal stereotypes as he chows down.

Me, I just want to know just how 'International' IHoP really is. Somehow I suspect the Japanese version would be more true to what IHoP used to be than the current mode in the US of A.

I just want pancakes, bro. Served by a Sonoda nymphette. With a gun.

If these reports about CHOSEN AME (now MEGATON PUNCH)'s rake-in are to be believed (one source speaks of a cardboard box full of 1000-yen bills, another a plastic trash bag filled with same), I wonder if Mr. Sonoda wouldn't mind being the victim of a good old-fashioned caper.

I'm talking four or five reliable men willing to point, in various directions, revolvers with silencers attached. I know silencers are useless on a revolver, but that's the way they did it in THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR. The one with Steve McQueen. Identical black suits are traditional, but I figure we can go to town on the cos-play masks and helmets. What do you think are the best people and things to go as for a robbery, from tokusatsu and anime?


"Tonight there's going to be a jailbreak," sang Thin Lizzy in 1976, "somewhere in this town." Near the prison would be my guess.

—reader's letter, Viz magazine

Well, it all depends on if we're making a statement...

Is there a 'Don Post Studios' in Japan that makes rubber Sonny Chiba masks?

Otherwise I'd go with live action heros all the way, the more obscure the better. I got dibs on Zubat. I suspect Patrick will go all Godman on us.

Of course I'm assuming I'm 'in'. Might be a confict, because I'm here and you-all are 'there' and closer.

Funny how you mention this as one of the TV networks is getting ready to start a show that just *screams* 'Oceans 11 the series' only without either the Chairman of the Board or George Cloony....

(Shall I get gun otaku? the Soviets *did* develop a revolver with supressor that worked quite well, but it was an awkward thing and used, as was typical of Soviet arms, quite non-standard ammo)

Who's doing the soundtrack, Carl?

I think the most important detail being omitted from your report is that not only is there a revolver model that can be effectually fitted with a silencer, but it is also the very same model of revolver that Sean Connery used to great effect in Zardoz.

Zed most certainly cried hot tears of shame upon discovering THE TRUTH in that film. I can only hope my quest ends in a similar fashion.

Silencer? They're only airsoft revolvers. Shit, that is a good point...better get some real ones, as Sonoda is the one otaku in Japan who would know the difference. Perhaps even the Webley Mark IV with chest hair attachment that Daryl suggests. Steve, don't worry about being on the other side of the continent...you know full well the first two-thirds of the story will be devoted to making trips back and forth to try and recruit each member, each of whom will offer some lame excuse about how they've gone straight now before joining in. Interstitial scenes will include much clinking of ice in bourbon glasses and Steve doing his rendition of "Call Me Irresponsible," and, as we are trying to attract the otaku audience, "Fly Me to the Moon."

Sean Connery is one hairy, hairy man. I suspect razors would shatter if one were to try and shave that..rumor has it that in 'You Only Live Twice' they had to use a stunt double for the bathhouse shaving scene...



As Sean Connery so sagely imparted to Mr. Tamba: "Ancient Japanese proverb say: Bird never make nest in bare tree."

Ladies and gentlemen, Roald Dahl!

There is, no doubt, some truth in that statement, altho the history is questionable...

I hear they're still finding starlets from the '60s in Connery's chest hair...."Ohhshh, ya, forgot about her..."

So, on the TV series LOST, when do we find out it's all really an abandoned SPECTRE base?

I should really shut up and get my own blog...

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