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This is the book I have been waiting for!

Seriously, it is not easy to find solid information on Japanese girl culture. Now I will be able to finally write all those entries for the Anime Companion Supplement.

Do a good job guys, I have high expectations.

"Oh yes!"

So, no sooner does Patrick telegen back to Yapan, spills the 411 on 109, then Earthquake but no Chuck Heston to manly do manly things...I still blame the kaiju for these events, did you see any odd JSDF movement?

Which is my asshat way to say 'hope you are OK and the world rocked elsewhere from where you are'

On the subject tip: This could be your most dangerous assignment yet, you know. Girl Secrets are always dark, mysterious, contradictory and often moist....actually, I hope you can crack the mystery of Para-Para dancing, because I sure as all fuck do NOT get it. Every time I've seen it in action, all I see is speeded up idol singer hand jive, as ritualized as Noh theater. What am I missing?

I await the answers....IN THE BOOK!

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