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Good to hear that Kojiro Abe ended up doing the voiceover after all. The Monica Rial falsetto adds a much-needed air of authenticity. "In the tradition of such great anime as Speed Racer, Ah My Goddess, and Odin."

How appropriate it is that the link associated with Clarissa be a slash mark.

Age: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown; Asian features
Affiliation: Unknown
Code name: Gothic Lolita Thirteen, or GL13

I love Kojiro's exceedingly vague Asian accent.

We used to have a crunky Golgo 13 toy with a bum leg at the Viz office that was swiftly dubbed "Polio 13." Would be good to see a whole gang of them versus the Chinese mafia circa 1991.

Kojiro claims he's going to try and join the US Marines and fight in Fallujah where he will "pump Zarquawi and all those other insurgent fuckheads full of lead."

Hopefully, these recording will not come back to haunt him. As Evel Kinevel once said, "America needs more heroes."

Here I was, thinking I was the only American with a copy of "The Last Days of Planet Earth" soundtrack.

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