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The hell?!

In the words of Kami Sanchin..."JAPANESE ARE CRAZY!"

There is only one way to avoid future racist treatment at Narita--liberally apply burnt cork to your face in the manner of Rats & Star, drop to one knee, spread your hands wide, and then announce "Who dat?"

He's got to get the white gloves, too.

Just burnt cork and he's 'just another dirty kurojin', but add the gloves and he's entertainment!

Probably get a three album deal and one sad para2 dancer for background.

OMG! and from the look of the poster it's almost like, "For the low, low price of $4.19, you too can have your very own set of negroes! Get'em now while supplies last!"

they're like little children. they really just don't know that it's wrong...

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