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You accurately noted that she not only masturbates, but furiously masturbates. In the recent January issue of AFTERNOON, the manga GENSHIKEN contained a scene of a sort I suppose must happen all the time in Japan, yet you rarely see portrayed--a schoolgirl is called into the principal's office, to find her parents are also waiting for her there. On the table is the boy's love doujinshi of hers they discovered...What's that line from THE VELVET GOLDMINE? "It's a shameful thing you done."

Ya know what's really strange?

"Gal" read like some kind of boardgame, a 'Game of Life' with blowjobs...which, actually...nevermind.

"Female Otaku" I expect would cause much denial here in the U.S. of A. Altho, again, it might become some moist badge of honor and made into T-shirts.

It all pales in the wake of the announcement that MediaBlasters will be releasing GoLion here in the US in '07. Yeah, they're doing Voltron too but fuck that shit...GOLION! ON DVD IN THE USA!

We live in strange times.

Do you have a URL for the book whose content is based on this?

The "Teen's Quest" series ran in a special one-shot magazine published by Million Shuppan, probably under their GON line. Yanagi gave us Xeroxed copies of her article, which is where the info was taken from. In other words, sorry, no URL. But yes, this is all real.

I think I just felt an earthquake...

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