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I take it it was an editor who came up with "Maid In Japan" and "Revenge of the Nerds." It would have been amusing to contrast what one would pay for actual hand release from someone in maid cos, versus mere hand massage. But perhaps METROPOLIS isn't ready for prime time.

Astonishing! Amazing! Very Well Done, Sir!

So, if a miracle falls my way, can I hire you to be my....hm. 'Native Guide' isn't quite right, unless you've gone native on us...

How about 'Great Gaijin Hunter'? No, that sounds like hentai manga...

Well. anyway. I bet you're the only one who could find the 'Lost Warehouse of Nishizaki', where case after case of deadstock Yamato toys, models, games and books rests...

I bet the lost warehouse is rusting away somewhere at the bottom of the Pacific. Maybe your Syd Mead designed ancestors will discover it in the year 2199 when the world resembles a tangerine someone put in a microwave...

Syd Mead?


*sob* what did I say that was so bad you'd fling that in my face! ;)

I mean, Mead was great for that whole "the world according to GM" future, and yes, I'd let him design my flying car, but boyoboy did he suck when he got turned loose on anime...

I blame the Japanese (and,really, lots of non-creative people in the US) for the tendancy to worship and praise utter crap just because it's got a (once?) famous name attached...

CF Star Wars, DNASights999.9, the Sabata movie starring Yul Brenner....

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