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What's the cultural origin of the white robe of the Japanese biker? White is an extremely unusual color for an American biker to wear. These are, needless to say, not American bikers.

Hmmmm...Biker movement or Scooter fad? I'm not a member of Sacramento's very own Vago MC, but from the photo, those look like Honda scooters that became popular with the under 16 crowd in the mid to late 80s. The kids who rode those, circa 1988 in Sacramento, were usually welding backwards/upside-down PING visors, Vuarnets, Howard Jones T-shirts, and Sperry Topsiders...not razor blades.

Can you really call these gals biker gang members? Well, maybe, afterall, the gal on the far left is wearing what looks to be a mean pair of Carrera shades.

Hey Matt,

The Ladies' gangs rode everything from cute little scooters to enourmous Honda and Kawasaki choppers adorned with thunder seats and chrome ahoogah horns. We've even uncovered some pics of old granny bicycles tricked out like "Decora Trucks," although it seems only a group of boys in Gunma were into them. The kids themselves ran from sweet and innocent to hard-as-hell.

We will have an interview with an ex-member of the Tokyo-based gang Akujo (Evil Girls) in the Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno book. I don't think anyone into Howard Jones would have lasted more than a single white line with them.


I was wondering about the color white last week while sitting in the Immigration holding pen...no new insights, sadly.

I was wondering about the white 'colors' too, thinking all kinds of obscure crap like 'white is the color of death' and stuff, then I though maybe an easier answer.

What was going on in pop culture, pulp culture at the time? what was going on in the movies, on TV? The answer may be that simple.

You all know how this stuff feeds on itself.

Unless they just put those on for the photo shoot. Wouldn't that be a kick? :)

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