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My only JFK imitation, one I seem to do over and over again, is Sissy Spacek telling Kevin Costner that he's trying to ruin Tommy Lee Jones' life because he's a home-uh-sexual. As I like to point out, an essential thing to keep in mind when watching the films of Oliver Stone is that he is one of the few major Hollywood directors to have personally killed people.

I liked Men of Tomorrow, bugging on the bit where the creator of Wonder Woman admitted in print the character represented a sexual fantasy. I thought about picking up the Essential Handbook of the Marvel Universe, as it's a good deal, but in the end I just decided to retrieve my near-lint originals on my next swing down to the Bay Area...which, suspiciously, appears as if it will be just two days after Patrick leaves.

I would make a Richard III reference here, but it's related to one of those projects that can be neither confirmed nor denied. No, it's not Dr. Doom...wrong company.

Oh, yeah, I came across these great remarks from an Englishman:

"Did anyone see Alan Moore being interviewed on the Culture Show, Thursday night on BBC2? Great interview, the man himself was as eccentric as you would think he would be, big bushy beard and more silver rings on his fingers than a Chav on a kitchen sink Council Estate. Doesn't really care about money at all and says he nevers leaves his home town of Northampton, seemed a genuine guy. You can tell he’s a dope fiend, dope fiends always can."

Leiji Matsumoto's Shakespeare...coming soon from Dark Horse...

I kid..but man, could you *imagine* how strange that would be?

I'd buy it.

I'm doing nothing but Youtube plugs tonight, it seems. The BBC Alan Moore piece is up there and certainly worth a spin.

I'm a major fan dating back to issue 31 of Saga of the Swamp thing, which was at the time the most shocking thing I'd ever stumbled across in a supermarket. I go through phases with Moore. Right now, I think the Olympus arc of Miracleman is the tops.

I'd never actually seen or heard Moore until that BBC thing the other night. The closest I came before was when Warren Ellis did a zonked-out impression for me and Carl at the Tonga Room.

Tomo claims to have actually confronted Stone on the whole "you actually killed people before, didn't you" issue. Stone sheepishly said that all he did was toss a grenade into a cave or something like that. I guess he left flamethrower duty to the Howling Commandos.

Hey Patrick - i'm working up in SF again. let me know if you have a spare afternoon/evening before you go back to monster island.

another 3 month stay in Tokyo?

"whatever it is I actually do when I’m in Tokyo. Mostly sitting around, taking trains, and shopping."

*Sigh* My perfect day in Tokyo.

Sometimes I actually shop using the Suica, and all seems right with the world.

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