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Your robot dance was also amazing!

This region is called "Ari-no-towatari" in Japanese.

Meanwhile I'm marooned researching "Golgo 13: Twenty-Four Selected Tortures" for the back of Vol. 05. Something else not made up: In Torture #8, from 1974's story "Statistically Explained Sniping," Duke, on the orders of an oil baron, is whipped by an Ilsa-like employee in jodhpurs and riding boots, who then orders her henchman Screwball—his nose visibly rotted by syphilis—to bind a prostitute G had slept with earlier in a complicated and suspiciously Japanese fashion, before sexually assaulting and strangling her.

When this spectacle fails to elicit a reaction, let alone a confession, headphones are clamped down on him and "Houses of the Holy" blasted in his ears, which seems to cause Golgo discomfort for the first time in the entire ordeal. The sound FX for Led Zeppelin, by the way, is ZUN ZUN ZUN ZUN. I get the vague feeling this one may have been written by Kazuo Koike, perhaps wishing to take a break from the high-minded concerns of LONE WOLF AND CUB.

However, I will be having a party, URABONAPARTE, this coming weekend at Anime Central, at which will be played Man Parrish, Schooly D, Boogie Down Productions, Kool G Rap & DJ Polo, The Rolling Stones, Young Buck, Nice & Smooth, Radiohead, L.L. Cool J, Ice-T, Natural Elements, Shudder To Think, 2 Live Crew, Too $hort, EPMD, Public Enemy, Camper Van Beethoven, and Three 6 Mafia. Do you happen to have a bit of Son of Bazerk on empeethree? If you could e-mail it to me I should be obliged.

Two turntables and a microphone!


Carl, I wish I was going to ACen to crash your party. But like G13, I must undergo torture, the torture of unemployment.

So a little Zep got a reaction from Duke Togo? wow...

None of the film adaptations of Golgo ever really caught on, which is odd concerning Dezaki had already established himself as a crowd-pleaser on BERUBARA and ASHITA NO JOE. When it comes to live-action, the final product is debatable, but getting *both* Sonny Chiba *and* Ken Takakura to play the character certainly showed a strong effort to make an impression.

GOLGO 13 may be an example of a concept that somehow cannot "survive" outside of manga. Perhaps it will be possible to discuss this later in the series. Personally, I consider the 1983 Dezaki film to be one of anime's top 20, but even when I spoke to one ofthe Japanese editors, he said only, "Oh, yeah--that was the one with the CG..."

So lay it out for us Patrick; which did you play first from Blowfly, "My Baby Keeps Fartin' in My Face," "The Eating Song (Yum Yum)," or another hit?

T'was "Fuck The Devil." Log onto AIM and I'll send it to you with kisses.

Ooooh! I'd actually had a fantasy from time to time that I would start a club here in Stockholm just to be able to hire you and Carl H as the premiere guest DJs (now I have added "DJ Space Between Your Ass and Vagina" to that list of course). In my fantasy the music you are making the crowd go wild to that premiere night is going to sound something like a Baltimore Club-remix of "Sentimental over the shoulder".

Speaking about Bowfly, he go mentioned (with picture!) in the latest number of the swedish fashion/hipster-magazine Rodeo. They wrote about his comeback this spring. The article was called "The year of filth":

"After a winter with mp3-hits like Uffies 'Ready to uff', Avenue D:s 'My dirty south' and Spank Rocks 'Put that pussy on me' it is clear that 2006 is going to be the year of filth. It is in other words quite logical that the Godfather of filth, the legendary singer Bowfly, does his comeback right now."

Carl and I are moving to Stockholm. The Year of Filth sounds like our kind of gig.

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