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Mother of God, I am blind. BLIND!

Look at the eye that gal is giving Ford. Holy cats, no wonder his tie is in such disarray!

And Kissinger (or is it really Gissinker? Hmmm?)..man. That poor girl likely had nightmares about his lips for years....

He said...this guy is the mastermind for the biggest man in the world!

I think 'that gal' is Mineko Iwasaki one of the top in her time. She also wrote in her memoirs about how boring Ford was as a guest.

Kissinger however apparently got everyone up and dancing. He probably entertained the geisha rather than the other way around.

Well, Mr. Gissinger was famous for his remark, "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac."

I won't stand for any dissing my homeslice Ford. I'm sure any dullness was more due to being uncomfortable with the whole 'almost sex' games than anything else.

Gissenger OTOH...bet he went thru 3 or 4 of them, one after the other, then took out his Statue of Liberty humidor and lighter and smoked up a big fat cigar. I was going to insert a brand/type but as I know little of cigar culture I'm sure I'd make even more of a fool of myself.

Carl, I think there's 3 of us here that 'get it' :)

You know, if dudes came to Japan today, they'd be doing silly stuff inside a maid cafe.

Don't forget reading the Clark Bars "This Comic Could Win You $2500!" promotion in SUPERMAN and blowing smoke on Lady Liberty. The single scene with Jigen, Goemon, Gordon and Gissinger was worth all the films since CAGLIOSTRO put together. And would it be so hard to return to that style, that attitude? MAMO was considered one of the top films at the Japanese B.O. of 1978--in fact, it did better than CAGLIOSTRO did a year later. The reason I came all this way, to this little town in Colombia...

It's funny how this stuff comes full circle.

Star Blazers grabbed me, the Ziv Harlock dub expanded my world, and the JAL Mamo blew my mind.

Mamo gets no respect. the Lupin III with Mamo Medicom figure is the only one that stays in stock at Hobbylink Japan.

As downright fun and sweet Cagliostro is, Mamo will always be my 'baseline' Lupin experience. doesn't take a great brain to understand that :)

I don't know how many times I've seen Mamo, in all the various dubs and incarnation. I still can't summarize the storyline. The hallmark of greatness in my book.

MAMO and CAGLIOSTRO are both excellent examples of two ways to approach Lupin. The problem is, to make the second work, you really have to be Miyazaki, whereas MAMO is more a matter of having the proper attitude towards life. I remember shortly after 9/11, Patrick, Urian and I were discussing Bin Laden, and one of us said, "I don't think that guy is God...but still, he's a monster." It seemed the most natural thing under the circumstances.

If only things were as simple as that, hey?

"And you know, he's a sadist!"

Damn. time to throw Mamo in the VCR again.

Forgive me my lameness. I just couldn't buy the Pioneer/Geneon release on DVD. Not with blurred out product placement and no JAL dub. It would hurt too much.

Maybe if I get to a con and it's cheap.

The old Image DVD had a so-so transfer but didn't blur out a thing. That would be the one to get until Carl finally recovers his missing VHS tape with the international dub and edits the Ultimate Version.

That's right, the Streamline release...gaaa, and I've got the VHS right here...but with the crappy Streamline dub...good lord, that makes 3 English dubs for this....

welp, back to my 6th gen C/FO library copy.

I'm still surprised TMS hasn't thrown the JAL dub on a Japanese Mamo release. I'd buy that in a heartbeat.


Thanks, but I don't do that. Something on the order of respecting the copyright owners and creators enough to pay for the stuff and stupid things like that....

But I appreciate the thought :)

No pueden ser tan ilusos de creer que tres hombres tan importantes como estos van a querer una gueisha.


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