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you must tell some tales of this job....but maybe you can't.

That guy, blue suit blue shirt, back and left in the pic, is looking at YOU, and he smells like Secret Service....or worse.

Told ya before, you need some of the 'Planet X' style thin band sunglasses, dude. Nobody would give with the hassle then.

I think I saw this chap's show at "Anime Hell" and got a positive impression. About his appearance here, I must say that if his mission was to "find Duran Duran," than he has surely succeeded. As there may be some uncertainty about that last statement, I will say that I meant it as a compliment. There is a photo of me in splendid mousse and lip gloss at the Cafe du Monde in New Orleans some years ago.

Oh god, I am so having a seizure right now. Thank you so much for posting this.

First episode screened last night - good stuff! Hope you don't mind me nabbing the above photo for a brief article (I've credited it and linked to your kickass Tokyoscope by way of an apology).

Many thanks!

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