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This bodes well for the universe as a whole.

Oh, Zipang, what WON'T you do?

It's being torrented at JPOPSUKI right now if anyone wants to see this ep; ~1.63GB.

You know, this was inevitable. I haven't checked Black Tokyo in awhile, they must be apopleptic.

Proof that there are NO BLACK PEOPLE in Japan...

If this is real, on the Gods, may these dummies fall asleep in their full makeup, and then wake up the next morning to find that the Black won't wash off. Fuck this wackness.

how do we deal with japanese people who are trying to become african-american listening to hip-hop, wearing baggy clothes, and portraying-embracing all those (ambigously) 'african-american' characteristics?

What is the world coming to

I'm sure people were asking that same question in Sumeria five thousand years ago. The answer, then as now, remains the same: the world is coming to read OTAKU USA!

And best of all, Aquarius doesn't flood your world and wipe out your civilization!

I love this. Then again, I am (srsly) a big fan of Jolson. He truly was the World's Greatest Entertainer.

Folks, the only way we're ever going to get past this racism thing is to lighten the eff up about it and laugh at each other's stereotypes.

There used to be a doo-wop/R&B blackface act in Japan called the Shanels. They were pretty famous back in my poonk rawk years (c. 1978-1983). I wonder if they'll make a comeback now...

The Chanels (although I've also seen it spelled as Shanels) became Rats&Star. Members of Rats&Star are present in the Gosperats. Six degrees of Japaneses blackface!

Jolson was a total nut. I like the story where he stood up in the audience during someone else's show on Broadway and burst into song. Mammy appears in nearly every karaoke songbook you'd care to mention. I've never seen anyone dare attempt it, probably for fear of getting a "mudhole stomped in their ass".

Uh... I've sung "Mammy" in public. At an anime convention. More than once. People start edging away for some reason. WTF? It's a great song!

"I'd walk a million miles/for one of your smiles..."

These people need to die slowly and painfully I bet they don't have the balls to show up to the U.S dressed like that. They know theyd get moliwoped... why do they do this? we did nothing to them this is bull shit. Life is already hard enugh being a black man in american, having to be starred at when you walk into a fucking store to buy some chips being harrassed by the police and treaded unfairly by the system. I hope these bastards either realize their mistake and are sorry for it or get beaten have their hands and feet tacked to a wall have there noses burned off with propane have their ears, dicks, fingers, tongues, and lips cut off put in a blender then are forces to drink it after its blended up

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