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Fuck. FUCK! I don't have a PS2, let alone a modded PS2!

I hope that in addition to all the usual stuff that's probably in that game, there's a setting where you get to armor up and just whomp on monsters. No puzzle solving, no date sim junk, just beating up on monsters.

I could die a happy man playing a game like that.

And Patrick? Yes. Gavan is da bomb. Mostly because it has a 'Guts!' OP song that will tear your vocal cords out if you sing it right. If veins aren't standing out on your neck when you hit the chorus, when you grunt out "GYABAN!" you're not respecting the music.



Actually, Patrick, I might play as Shaider if there's a bonus mission where you hook up "rooster head man" http://www.kfccinema.com/column/fullmetaltracksuitpt3/pic08.jpg

with Gavan's "chicken head lady."

This game rules!! I about fell over when i put it on as i downloaded it off of mininova and there was no description except that it was a japanese game. It actually feals like you are playing the show.
Between this and the Ultraman game, the ps2 is the best gaming system out there!

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