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To be fair, Miyazaki did offer that vacation in PRINCESS MONONOKE.

A while ago there was a discussion about Leiji Matsumoto's possible prejudices. But what do genuine, logged-in, forum-registered white nationalists themselves think about it?

>>Originally Posted by Swastika_Girl
I HATE all "anime" or Japanese animation. It is just simply STUPID.

>>Please, I am curious. How can you hate such a broad range of animation. Do you hate all cartoons? There are soo many different types of anime. With so many different drawing styles and themes I would think that everyone would find something they like in the anime world. What makes it "stupid"?

I think there is an irony lurking somewhere in the above exchange, yet it eludes me even as I grasp for it.

You can read the surprisingly lengthy thread here:


Good God Almighty.

Carl, you're a braver man than I, to even drift past that stuff.

I couldn't handle more than 4 pages, I had to break away and take a shower.

I mean, it's the typical mix of utter ignorance and actual reasoned thoughts (per any BBS), but *bam* all instantly tainted by that...argh.

OK, I confess. I'm white and not guilty about it. I'm proud of my Scotts/Irish/German/English heritage, but first and formost I'm a HUMAN BEING and AMERICAN...the things those folk just...casually, unthinkingly utter just...how? how can that still exist in this day and age?

"I don't watch no n***er movies because they can't teach me anything"

the fuck?

And all the time talking about how 'white' anime chara are...holy crap, don't they get it?

Owait...clearly they can't. it's self evident.

Carl, I owe you beers.

>A while ago there was a discussion about Leiji Matsumoto's possible prejudices.

I remember an classic episode of anime-radio.com where they discussed that. What I can remember I think that the conclusion they came to was something like: "Fucking anti-american Leiji Matsumoto!! Fucking Cockpit.....Cocksucker!!!"

And speaking of neo-nazis, I don't know if that Stormfront-type of stuff is new for you Americans, but it is (our was) quite a trend here in Sweden. I spent a lot of time in junior high peeling off "Secure a future Sweden for our white kids!"-stickers (often with a yellow swastika on a blue background, the color of Swedens national flag) from the mirrors at my schools public bathrooms. And a lot of white kids listened to light-nazi/national rock-bands like Ultima Thule like they where Red Hot Chili Peppers. Maybe that's a typical European small-town-thing, I hope so.

My personal interpretation of My Neighbor Totoro is that Totoro actually eats children. He just wants Mai and Satsuki to bring all their friends to meet him so he can chow down. Of course, based off of some of his interviews, Miyazaki would be willing to make a film where Totoro devours the lazy, spoiled children of modern Japan.

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