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My immediate reaction to this piece: "huh, I thought that guy had died nearly 20 years ago," but then I remembered. For some odd reason, I always seem to mentally confuse Tetsuya Chiba with Ikki Kajiwara, the latter being more significant to me because of his role in facilitating Satoru Sayama's interactions with the Dynamite Kid. Perhaps it's because Kajiwara himself seemed to be a real-life version of Joe Yabuki, punching out his editor and serving some time in the metal clink himself. The full count of inmates that got decked one in the temples will never truly be known.

Fine, so it's more likely due to the fact that I can never remember that Ikki Kajiwara and Asao Takamori are in fact the same person.

You know he was just protecting the Kanemochi Kill-Hills from the Kiddyland Rapist or Steven Segal.....

By the way, did you see any people who came all the way from 'Psytama' by car and just walk their dogs in Omotesando????

What is the name of the gallery doing this show? Thanks.

It is a good thing that Florin Mall in Sacramento finally closed down... for a supersized Wall Mart.. LOL

I didn't know you were from Sacramento? Unfortunatly I am stuck here unless Sillicon Valley is prosperous again like in the 90s.. Tho I still wouldn't want to pay one million dollars for a shack in San Jose.

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