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Yeah, JFK does look a bit like Carl Horn.

The Zappa figure does look pretty on-model, though.

MMmm, I dunno, that JFK looks too puffy in the jowls to be Carl, Carl has more a lean Roman look about him. That's a JFK as played by Powers Booth.

OTOH that 'Elvis' looks pretty close to the announcer guy at Kaiju Big Battel.

Zappa is dead on. um. no joke intended.

Was that a cardboard C-3PO at the back of the huddled masses?.

Now for the 'Steve has culture shock' moment.

There are still wax museums? And how do you fit one on Tokyo Tower?!

So what happens to all these? Unemployment? Forced to turn tricks on the street? Some private investor buys them by the pound and has sad, sad tea parties with his new 'friends'?

Or are they RESTORED TO PSEUDO LIFE and left to rampage and feed on the blood of virgins?

I'm so tired...

It's more like Martin Sheen playing me. His suit isn't bad at all, but I wonder about the tie. Looks like James Dean, Thomas Edison, and Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra are stuck there in the case with Mifune. Did at any point you find yourself saying, "...Good Lord! This isn't wax! This is a HUMAN hand!"


P.S. It looks like an Oscar to me, rather than Threepio.

That's Robert Fripp? It looks more like one of my Profs at LA Valley College than the Frippmeister. At least they could have sprung for a nice big Nabeshin-style 'fro wig so he could have looked like he did around 1968 or so. Then again they really skimped on Hendrix's hair.

Good to know Prog lives...somewhere...

Man, what a nuthouse! Those things look like they were made outta EAR WAX.

Keith Emerson looks kinda sexy in all the wrong ways (is that a hard nipple I see peeking out? That's Hot!) and Iommi looks seriously-fucking PISSED!

No Damo Suzuki, eh?

Fripp looks like a cross between Steve Hackett (now there's a turnaround!) and ex P.M. John Major ("I'm still here..")

Toni Iomi looks as if he's got genuine John Birch Hyperflux-G pickups on his guitar. I'm wondering if it's the one I played in the JB factory many years ago!

Fripp in a baseball cap?


I got nothin'.

Well, at least it's a *Discipline* baseball cap . . . or so it seems to appear to be . . .

"Holy shit" I can't tell who any of these waxies are? Where is this at!!! ha, ha, ha, Did you pay to get in this place? If you did tell me how much & I will pay you back, I love Elvis, are you sure that's who it is? It's a great laugh.
Don Greene
Hayden, Idaho

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