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but those nose. Too boku. The kanji for "I."

I've figured it out.

Patrick, you need a trenchcoat.

Not a trendy black "Hey, it's like the Matrix!" thing nor a faux duster like the killers in Harley Davidson and the Marlbouro Man, no, no my friend.

I mean a beat up (but not too) dirty (but not so) London Fog khaki/tan coat. With the belt stylishly dangling unbuckled to flap dramatically in the wind. Hellblazer Japonique.

And then you could safely wear your sunglasses.

When I hit 40, I'm going to only dress up like Shin Kishida in Godzilla Vs. Mecha-Godzilla '74. Cinema's ultimate sneaky guy.

I have looked like I was 40 since I was 15, so the occasion will hardly be reckoned. In fact I was called out on this en route to Japan in June of 1987 on ANA, when a Kentucky high-school exchange group who had seen me served a beer a few hours before spotted a memento of my graduation party in my wallet and immediately knew it for what it was. Appropriately enough, the in-flight stereo program included "Takedown" from BEVERLY HILLS COP II. To their credit they made no trouble, though.

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