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Were you in Shibuya tonight wearing a shirt that says "Alien something something"? If so I totally saw you.

Holy shit. Yeah. That was me in my Alien Alien Alien gear. What were you wearing?

A jean jacket and glasses. I saw you at the San Diego Comic Con years ago and tonight thought "Is that the Macias guy?" and apparently it was. Reading your blog and podcasts it was a revelation to find a fellow American in Japan who is interested in Cools and the Enraku no Playboy kouza 12shou album.

Say hi next time! Do I look like a pee-freak or something?

I can't say that I have ever been raped in Kiddyland, but a sailor from the Bundesmarine did try to pick me up in a Shakey's quite near. He had a sailor suit and everything.

For Carl Horn: I can't help but think of the video game "Shenmue" when you talk about your Shakey's incident. In the English-language version, the protagonist has to walk through a little Japanese hamlet and ask around to find sailors. "I'm looking for sailors" is the phrase he repeats during this stage of the game. ^_^

For Patrick-san: any word of whether Sakamoto Mimei's manga "Nippon no Mimei" is going to be licensed by a US company?

I read the WaiWai article where she talks about moe as a feminist issue and the underbelly of the current Otaku-zoku and I have to say she has a point about a lot of it. I don't 100% agree but her critique is interesting and somewhat valid.

Here's the link:

You've probably seen the article in Japanese so you can see whether or not it's represented correctly in English.

I am a big fan of women manga-ka (Takahashi Rumiko, CLAMP) so naturally I'm curious about what her work is like.

Although her work is billed as by the Mainichi as "a must-read for all hip young Japanese" no one here seems to have ever heard of Sakamoto Mimei, or cares very much.

Meanwhile, the funniest shit on the net right now is the message board at ANN where fandom is finally coming apart thanks to the Moe issue.


I suggest that they simply turn it all into something positive, like moe for Jesus. Not the shotarific young lad preaching to the elders in the Temple, but his mature Messiah period, I mean.

There is the suggestion, perhaps, in Sakamoto's article that this culture has bubbled up in recent years from the ota-underground to now afright the eyes of the public. Actually, the direction was the other way round: F. Schodt, writing in MANGA! MANGA! tells us "...this has become a major trend. The rorikon comics of erotic artist Aki Uchiyama have become so popular that, in 1981, by toning down the emphasis on the sex act and concentrating on voyeurism and diapers, he was able to break into the mainstream boys' magazine SHONEN CHAMPION." Quotes don't come much more deadpan than that.

Well, I dig CLAMP, but in their long and delicately-screentoned career they haven't just played the moe card, they've let an entire stacked deck of them stream from their hand like Roger Moore. As Celtic Frost is to black metal, CARD CAPTOR SAKURA has been to moe. By the way, I wasn't entirely surprised to find a "To Mega Therion" reference in REIKO THE ZOMBIE SHOP.

I guess I was taken in by the Weekly World News equivalent of Japan. Yeah, the ANN discussion is very, very interesting. She's one of those right-wing nut jobs. And most of the "facts" in the Mainichi article are manufactured.

Sorry I mentioned it...


Congratulations on finally getting the book done, Patrick. It didn't seem like Tomo drop-kicked you enough this time, but maybe I missed out on the gruesome details.

Wish you were the Kiddyland rapist with an Ampamman mask from an omatsuri tekiya....

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