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Will U B in Japan in july? U can C GEDO before everyone!!

REally, I'm jealous.

Last night I was as high as can be in Portland: thirty stories, that's all, having monkfish with Y-san and X-san. But 25-35% of this job is keeping one's mouth shut, which is why I would be a terrible blogger. I am, however, listening to THE WHO: LIVE AT LEEDS to prepare spiritually for THE STARVING MAN. Now would be a good time to mention my first exposure to TOMMY was not through the music, but the pinball game--it was at the back right of Aladdin's Castle, near THE WIZARD OF WOR and STAR CASTLE.

There are many ostriche farms in Japan.


Hmmm..suddenly the image of beer-fed Ostriche floats into my fevered brain.

Of course, if they ever got loose....

In the spirit of your entry, I want to point you to this:


Let's see. Curry Casero. It's Kare Raisu roux, made to what House Foods' US division thinks is Latino tastes. And of course, Kare Raisu is Indian by way of Britain by way of Japan.

And it's what's for dinner here in our little corner of Paranoia City, CA, US.


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