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Reading that makes me sad.

Such lofty dreams, such nobel goals, such total utter shit that ended up as the final product.

Yamato 2520 was total, utter shit. It was doomed from the start. I've got a copy of the original planning notes, in English and it was just...Odin was a masterpiece of thinking and storytelling by comparison.

It was all about the science. all about exploring string theory, magnetic monopoles, castoffs from the 'cosmic egg' and the birth of the Universe and OK, cool, I loves me some Big Science but come on, what about the people?

Here's the conflict: Earth is powered by Tachyon/'Wave Motion' energy, the bad guys by magnetic monopoles, the new 17th generation Yamato would be *gasp* powered by merging BOTH forms of energy!

That's about it.

Nishizaki was spending money like water. Hiring Syd Mead (who I love, but he wasn't right for this), hiring some obscure American jazz combo for the music (yet went back to Kentaro Haneda as 'music director', meanwhile in NYC lots of time with David Mathews producing a totally limp and flaccid score)..and while this was going on, also working the deal to create Voyager Entertainment in the US after the successful lawsuit to regain the US rights to Yamato and scoring Star Blazers in the same suit...that's poorly phrased, let me try again.

What I understand is that Westchester Films had sold Star Blazers on home video, and either they didn't HAVE home video rights (totally possible-who thought of such things 1978/79?) or they did have them but were not paying the proper 'cut' to the Nish. So suit was brought, Nish won, not only reclaiming his rights but taking over the 'distinct intellectual property' of Star Blazers lock, stock and barrel.

And now I'm getting all unhappy and angry again thinking of all the lost, wasted potential. ARRGGH.

I suspect the reason Yamato 2520 was ended early had less to do with the slow, SLOW production/release of the product (altho Bandai Visual was still smarting over the same thing with Giant Robo) then with the suits at Bandai Visual finally getting the idea that the millions of Yen they were shoving at Nishizaki were not going to re-create the huge money machine that was SB Yamato cira 1978-80.

I blame the people around Nishizaki. I think he came to suffer from 'Roddenberry's delusion' where he had so many people telling him how brilliant and wonderful and flawless he was that he came to believe it, and NOBODY dared to step up and say "Urrrr, hey, this sucks.."

Oh, if I only had the skill to write about this, and more knowledge...

It is reported that Desmond Dekker died the other day. He hardly needed my endorsement; still I'm glad I took the chance to talk about him in JAPAN EDGE. Even the Geto Boys referenced "Reggae Recipe" on "Trigga Happy Nigga." In the same alternate universe where "Shanty Town" was used as the theme for the 1971 LUPIN III series, Max Romeo's "Chase The Devil" did the honors for MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM. But that was the world where Atsumi Tashiro and Otomo met at a crossroads.

Hey, Carl! check this!

now I wonder just how much of other shit that happens in the Golgo 13 manga is really....real.

wug? try again? sorry


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