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Booze, smokes and the SoC Getta Dragon. It don't get any better than that.

Well, maybe pounding down small bottle after small bottle of Sake while staring at a die-cast Yamato.....

I don't know what people may THINK that drink is called, but I think there's no debate that the tobacco and plastic additives to the concoction have resulted in an entirely new beverage. We shall call it: the Shine Spark.

The next logical step, of course, is finding something worthy of being called the Stoner Sunshine.

The dank was some Brazilian shit. Maybe Matt remembers the name. Sorry this blog is falling to bits. I'm only here in T for 10 more days and I have to use up all my ride tickets. On the plus side, much Stoner Sunshine with Col. Baldwin when I get back to San Francisky.

It looks like a Mojito. Patrick, will you be happening to visit Anaheim this coming fourth?

That's a "Caipirinha." Took me three days to recover the brain cells to remember that bit of trivia.

And speaking of lost brain cells, how could you forget getting BIT BY THE BEAK?


I've served those, and I had forgetten what it was called. Proof enough I served them.

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