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Find Love at Planet X! Where all the girls look like Kumi Mizuno. Don't forget to bring lots of water.
-Controller of Planet X

"Where all the girls look like Kumi Mizuno."

Interesting that you mention Kumi. I was just about to send a private email to one of you guys about her rumored relationship with Nick Adams. Even if it isn't true it's a fantastic story about east meets west/love/popular culture and I figured I should write something about them in one of my future literary projects, maybe a short story-fanzine. Do any of you guys know anything more, was Nick hopelessly in love with her? Was she the reason that he committed suicide? Wasn't there an article in Pulp about them? I can't find it when I google now, tough.

I met and interviewed Kumi for Eiga Hiho. I should probably transcribe the darn thing and put it up here. And yes, the burning love of Nick Adams definately came up...

There was that wonderful bit of sillyness in one of the CornPone Flicks shorts, I think it was one of the Bad Anime Dubbing episodes, where Nick Adams was used as an euphemism for sex and/or penis. As in "want to slip her the old heat seeking moisture missile...introduce her to john thomas...the python of love...the old NIICCCK ADAMS"

Somehow on some level I think he'd approve.

But stay away from those Planet X chicks.

Nick Adams killed himself because his career and his marraige were both DOA and he couldn't get arrested, let alone a decent TV or movie role. He'd been making a big public ass out of himself for a few years (breaking up with his wife on live TV, famously shilling for an oscar and publically pouting when he didn't get it) so his downward spiral had been in progress for a while. Doubt Kumi Mizuno had anything to do with it.

I don't believe we used the term "heat seeking moisture missile", but I wish we had. CB did come up with the phrase "plucked turkey of love", which should have been the title of a Mudhoney EP sometime in the mid 1990s.

Say what you will about Nick, but MONSTER ZERO wouldn't be half as much fun with him in it. Compare Nick in FRANKENSTIEN CONQUORS THE WORLD to Russ Tamblyn's weakass phoned-in performance in WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS. Nick Adams kicked ass and took names and the bastard made Kumi cry. But hey, what do you expect from a guy who hung out with James Dean and studied martial arts with Elvis? Nick was the P.I.M.P.

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