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How sad is it that I would totally buy that passport?

I also need the 'U.N.C.L.E. Special' produced by MGC back in the '70s. did any of the airsoft companies ever make a shooting version of that? Of course, trying to bring a snubnosed Walther P-38 with telescoping stock, scope, extended barrel and long magazine would doubtless raise eyebrows at US customs...

"Q..do you think next time you make up a passport for me, you might omit the '007' from the cover? It makes it rather tough to be undercover, don't you see..."

Oh, wait, the Sean Connery version:

"Q you poncy bastard!" *PUNCH*

What about the gaudily-colored visa stamped inside, saying "The '007' means the bearer has a license to kill...where he pleases...when he pleases...whom he pleases!!!"

Some other kid in my neighborhood had that P-38, but it wasn't me. They say the UN turned down the use of their name in "U.N.C.L.E.," which is why it was changed to "United Network." They always seem to turn down the remotest chance that kids might grow up thinking the United Nations was cool. Presumably the anime studios don't bother asking permission to create entities such as "UN Spacy" and "UN NERV."

As a kid, I was always been more intersted in cars rather than guns or passports...

Dig The Saint's Volvo P1800...sooo cool.

As a youngster in Greenhaven, I rememeber becoming obsessed with the Cursher Joe Mercedes and BMW model kits (courtesy of Riverside Hobbies, of course). Those cars looked so futuristic (8 wheels?!) but still retained the basic designs that were charateristic of Mercedes and BMW cars in the early 80s.

And I have to come clean...when James Bond related topics hijacked this blog several months ago, I was too embarassed to admit that my favorite Bond movie was For Your Eyes Only and that I favor smaltzy Roger Moore over any other Bond.

I think Patrick once said something along the lines of "only trash makes people happy." I couldn't agree more!

For the uninformed, Matt was my top rival for snatching up what few Japanese toys and goods there were in Sacramento during the Early Years of Bitter Struggle (age 7-13 or thereabouts)

God, Riverside hobbies. How that Final Yamato poster in the window used to drive me insane as it slowly went sun-bleached.

I keep pouring over the old model kit racks at Nakano in search of those old Crusher Joe kits. The only ones that seem to pop up are the enemy mecha like the 'Gadfly' and the 'Skateboy.'

I'm pretty sure should I live long enough and make enough bread to retire, the last decade or so will be devote to making old model kits.

I'm still looking for a cheap copy of the mini-power suit kit from Crusher Joe #3 if I'm not mistaken. Love that thing, made a nice little "droid" for my GI Joes to interact with.

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