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How the fuck crazy his face is!!!!!!! ahahaha!!!!!!!!

"What about you girls behind?"
"He's like yer Dad in' he, this geezer, or your Grandad?"
"Are you worried or just enjoying yourself?"
"Enjoying myself."
"Are you?"
"Ah, that's what I thought you were doing."
"I've always wanted to meet you."
"Did you really?"
"We'll meet afterwards, shall we?"
"You dirty sod. You dirty old man."

I have to say, that's the most amazing, and frightening, buffalo shot I've seen in some time. I'm trying to believe it's just some trick of lighting and artifacting from the original screen used to prep the photo for printing.

Damn, that is one shiny suit, huh?


Well, now we know what he was intending to fire off those howitzer shells WITH. I feel stronger having gained this insight.

Link fixed. Dick jokes ahoy!

Here it is for quick reference:

What a horrid sight!
Balls a poppin' all around.
Who pays for lost youth?

Good god!
I can't stop laughing at that.

It's almost like that Simpsons episode, $pringfield, where Burns laughs about the crippled Irishman. Everytime I stop, I think about that photo and I start laughing again.


Really you need to scan it at a higher resolution so it can be posted on 4chan just on principal!

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