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Translation of sign at left: "LOOKING FOR HOSTS (We're #1 in Japan). It's getting more and more difficult to make money in the host business. We place a lot of ads, so your chances of meeting an unattached client are highest with us. Willing to discuss any conditions. Raise your rep in a first-class club!"

Help me in my ignorance. These photos, are they of the hosts, and ranking in how much money they're pulling out of their guests? or is it top spending customers?

Or is it like the wall at Pancho's, where you make it if you die....

Hey, Patrick, think you might have a stick of Beeman's on ya?

Question from the guy not so familiar with crazy shit in Japan....

what is a "host club?"

would they sponsor you for a working visa? 90 day visitor visas suck!

A host club is where you, if you are accepted as a "client," spend money to hang out, drink, and talk in surroundings of tasteful* splendor with an attractive, stylish young man such as Patrick. I believe the female-host equivalent, the "hostess bar" for men, predated it. There are many variations on the idea--maid cafes could be said to be one. As we continue our transition into the "service economy," we find that, as usual, the Japanese are three jumps ahead.

*May not actually be in good taste

Ah, thanks Carl! Those host photos are too much...they all look like Nick Rhodes!

They need to have this in the US and not be illegal.

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