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Taking pictures of maids without their consent IS a crime. Like jaywalking. Or genocide.

The current episode of AWO is late by virtue of Gerald being unsatisfied with his inability to properly make fun of Spriggan in conjunction with my inability to properly remain sane as I listen to interviews with cyber Nazis bearing ball-jointed humanoid dolls, but at some point the moe burger story is brought up and we DEMAND that Matt and Patrick be on the scene to score pictures.

Our demands have been met, as expected. And here I thought things couldn't get better following the discovery that the local Fox News segment where they went to the anime convention was digitally captured:


That's my friend, the architect of Life Mastery, in the pink Bridget costume. My other friend, the Last Exile girl, was let down that they didn't keep the second part of her statement, "but I don't actually LIKE anime." Expect to see an encore showing of this one at Anime Weekend Atlanta.

Wow, that's one cute pissed off maid.


Wish I could read the copyright info, for some reason the fact it's in English makes me laugh like a schoolboy.

Daryl: This....girl dressed as a chara from Last Exile...is she cute? and who was it she was cosplaying? You mad dog playa you!

That's one pissed off looking maid. Although one has to wonder: is she pissed off about the picture taking or pissed off because of the inherent sexism of the maid cafe?

Why, she's pissed off because her beloved and darling Master isn't obeying the rules!

See,it's a cute, Jennifer Anniston (sp) kinda pissed off, followed by a spanking. And then the oral sex.


Daryl, thanks for the YouTube link. Because Stone Bridge has two books on cosplay coming out, I'll use this to show booksellers just what their graphic novel customers are actually up to on the weekends and why they should order the books...

Photography without consent isn't a crime per se in the U.S.; it depends on numerous factors, including your "expectation of privacy." For example, if you're just walking down a city street, you're considered to have no expectation of privacy. A celebrity, for example, is also regarded as having inherently less expectation, since their public exposure is part of their business. The situation of a business open to the public (such as a cafe) may vary. Japan, of course, has a very vital and active tabloid press...

I own a copy of Blakemore's CRIMINAL CODE OF JAPAN, but I couldn't find anything about maid cafes. However, changing the position of a foetus or the corpse of a person who has met with an unnatural death, "without good reason," is a crime under the Minor Offences Law (Article 19) and is punishable by detention or small fine. Patrick gets into unpredictable situations in the course of compiling this blog, so I just thought I'd mention it as a word of warning.

Carl, it's obvious. I'm surprised you haven't noticed.

Patrick is really Lupin III.

Everything makes more sense now, don'it?

Patrick is more Goemon. I'm not just talking about looks and demeanor--he carries a blade and everything. It's made of meteoritic Filipino iron.

Goemon, hmm?

yeah, OK, I can buy that.

I was going to try and make a joke about passing gas and cutting worthless objects but I just couldn't make it work....

I haven't listened to Daryl's podcast, but has this Moe Burger been built upon the ashes of the arcade (line of guilty gear machines) that was staffed by change-making maids? That sign along with the stated location brings only tha to mind.

argh, "that", not "tha".

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