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Everything about that photo is 100% rock n' roll. I'm jealous.


With all due respect, I have a comment which I wish to put into popular venacular:

"DUUUDE, you look so WASTED"

Seriously, it's clearly after the A-Pocky-Lypse and you're living 199x.

Take two asprin and get some sleep. ;)

This photo is just so... Wrong. It's so wrong that it's great. I't like a couple of stoned kids just discovered this record and are looking for meaning in the cover. It's so... so... Middle school suburban 1977.

Actually, i think that's my apartment aroundd 1 am. though I don't remember having a bar, but then again there's a lot i generally don't remember having at around 1 am.

like pants, for one.

That was NOT Ozzzzzyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

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