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Well, there it is.

It's Def-con 1, it's 199X, the 2 meter thick concrete hatches have slammed open while the nickel steel vault doors have hissed shut.

Anime A-Pocky-Lypse has arrived.

Patrick, you should find another gig and stay over there in Black Rain land, you can take any one thing from the box....ANY one thing.

We few, we old school, know our jobs, have our exits prepared. My 'go' bag with canned food, clean socks and Yamato roman albums stands ready.

Jesus, Mary, John Paul George and Ringo...Twinkie Sushi. In our darkest nightmares we never even thought of such a thing.

The lucky ones will be dead.

Makes me wish I could attend AX, aka 'Masque of the red death' to watch it all go down.

At the Masque of the Red Death, people were better dressed. Even the tie-dye is too grateful; ideally they should express variations on the same color.

But, you never know--these could be the guys who post to Stormfront.

Man...I dunno...I dunno...

I mean, I see the $200 giant Jack Skellington and I sense a feminized male, then I see what seems to be a three sword stand on that...subwoofer? next to him...

I just can't call it.

I mean, Detroit.

What kind of viewing party is that we see? I see no bottles of pop, no bags of chips..or the oft time 'everyone goes out for fast food and gets what they like to bring back' orgy.

Altho in my Star Trek club days the routine was a mass trip to Dennys after, so...

I pass. I gotta stuff a couple more Captain Harlock books into my go bag.

Saraba chikyu yo, etc.


Going into space on *what* is a different matter; presumably those bottle rockets they sell at Takashimaya. For a country with such advanced engineering and a SF industry that won't quit, they certainly have a shite space program.

Heh, a very familiar scene. However, everyone should have laptops, there should be pizza and Mountain Dew and a wild game of Starcraft afterward. Also WTF are they watching?

Then again, we're talking DETROIT.

Well, they certainly look like they're having fun, right?? RIGHT???

The "overstuffed" nature of the room is typical, I find. Cram as much junk as you can into your tiny living room!! The junk protects you from the world outside, symbolized by the open window and the ghostly photographer's reflection therein!

Steve, I'm loving the apocalyptic "helter skelter" imagery you're bringing to the concept of this year's 40,000+ Anime Expo. If only anime fandom had its own "X-Day" complete with Kool-Aid, Ray-Bans, and steamy jungle compounds! Let's make it happen.

I'm too fat to be Vincent Price, and Orson Wells just won't make the cut.

Or Raymond Burr fondling some jade dragon.

I think I could cosplay as Zed, however. I don't think I'd get far shouting "the Penis is bad! The Gun is Good!"

I bet if it could be arranged one could set up a booth, a big sign "drink flavor-aid for anime!" and we'd run out of cups....

I was ever so slightly suspicious that his girlfriend was unavailable for the shot, but I admit that picture of Tezuka is choice.

Well, I'm frightened.

I dunno, I'm inclined to give props to the second guy for the Mattel Power Glove, and the third guy for the Captain Power toys- not that they really encapsule being an *anime fan* from the '80s, but oh yes, oh yes so very very THEN.

(altho really..wait, let me check my Captain Power training tapes-I have all three- Yep, 1987! and here I was gonna rag on the guy and tell him he should have Macek's Computer Warriors tape on display instead!)

I was gonna show part of the Captain Power training tapes at the A-Kon 17 OtakuHELL show. The visuals work really good with any house track...

That Harlock Hero guy wins, because he actually legally changed his name to "Harlock Hero". His LJ is priceless.

"Back in the day I used to play with Tonka toys
Now I'm paid, and shootin' dice with the big boys."

—Bushwick Bill, "Little Big Man"

20 bucks this article was written by Japan's foreign ministry, like those letters to the editor the Pentagon tried to pass off as being by real American soldiers.

Because really, if you need *written instructions* to determine how to enjoy an evening with friends then you're probably the creepy one in the group.

The guy on the far left on the couch looks like High Pitch Eric to me.


Japan's foreign minister has sometimes been described in the press as an otaku, but I think his habit of reading GOLGO 13 hardly qualifies (an *American* who reads it is pretty hardcore, though).

I want to see High Pitch Eric do some voice acting...a female character, of course.

They're watching Howl's Moving Castle. The Jack Skellington clinches it - they may not be otaku, but they sure are big ol' geeks.

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