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They got a Lupin pachinker at the Dragonfish downtown (in the Paramount Hotel, where I first read THE SILMARILLION) but it's just for display; what is the point of that? Would they serve sashimi of molded plastic?

Anime World Order describes WELCOME TO THE N.H.K. as "Takashi Miike's 'Otaku Unite'"

Patrick, you CANNOT leave yet!

What's this I hear about 'Moe Burger' in Akiba?

Good God, it's like they're trying to narrow in on me. My only hope it that it's a crappy tasting burger, because if it's *good*, I am like to be doomed.

I think they should take 1/4 of the dealer's room at AX and make it a Pachinko Parlor. Have to spread them out some more than in Japan I expect, to take into account the more sumo-sized otaku. Hey, do they still do that 'wink-wink nudge-nudge' thing where you turn in your 'win' balls for some crappy thing and then you go to the little unmarked door in back and get cash? I think if more anime fans knew about this they'd understand Japan more...


God help me, I'm in the process of getting a Hokuto No Ken pachi-slot machine right now. I've got to hand it to Japanses casinos: they have good taste in licenses.

Actually, I'll ask Dave if AWA's video game room can lay hands on some themed pachinko. The arcade games in the room are often imports, so it might be possible...

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