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That bottle of Old Crow reminds me: whatever happened to Scott Rider, anyway? I guess he's been a dad for the last five or six years or something.

For a second I had a vision of Da Conty being a father and teaching his toddler how to post to Usenet so that the legend may be reborn, but then the thoughtbird swooped in and purged that from my memory. Shockingly, the severity of this thought was enough to cause it to hover in place momentarily, allowing me to get a photograph of the magnificent beast:


I had to then pass the picture to Harvard scholars under false pretenses so that this secret knowledge may remain unknown on a grand scale. After all, the common man would be forced to replace his blood with Kentucky Straight were such a stark, harsh truth to be revealed.

I ran into Scott at Anime Central and thanked him for the awesome EVANGELION coffee mugs he made (their design is better than the authorized version) and sold at Anime Expo '96.

Not only did he sell them about twenty feet from where Anno was signing, he then gave one to Anno himself. You know, for the effort. Now THAT's the old mokatte-makka spirit. I've used that mug almost every day for the last ten years--why, it's on my desk right now.

I just fwd your message to his wonderful wife, hopefully he will reply to you soon.

He's been a dad for 4 years now. :) And we have 2 kiddies.....Jason(4) and Emily(1). :) We live in the Chicago suburbs now. :)


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