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I dunno, I think it would do it to me, that bit about the giant spider slamming into the screen...I'm not keen on spiders, no, not at all.

Given the giant spider I saw in Uganda in '68, which was so cosy living ON THE KITCHEN WINDOW day in and day out, and then one day...it was gone and I lived in terror it was in the house..yeah, mud would be lost.

And then the dung beetles would come by...


"Have a seat, plunk down 300 yen, and put them cans on your head..."

I first read this thinking of the *other* can in the stall, trying to figure out how exactly this was gonna work.

"failed to lose my fudge."

Caused me to expel coca cola product through my nose and it ruined my harmon kardon speakers and sweet apple flat panel monitor. I couldn't be happier about it. (Especially since it was here at work). Brilliant find.

I went to Namjatown a few years ago. I was by myself, and thought it was kind of spooky. I tried not to be afraid, but left shortly after having gyoza and a beer. My Namjatown passport remained stampless.

The haunted benjo really would have freaked me out.

I won the free passports!!!!!
So I can sell them for 50,000 yen If you guys want.
Yeah, its worth it.


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