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But but but....

It's 'Great' Yamato, or 'DaiYamato' or whatever Leiji is calling it this week, it's not REAL Yamato....*sob*

Now, isn't this part of the scam to force Japanese to buy new cars every couple of years? something about annual inspections and after so many years a car 'fails' and isn't allowed or some such?

Wait a minute - THAT'S the "Great Yamato"? Looks like somebody whacked the front off of a Arcadia model circa 1978, stuck a Yamato kit on the front of it, and jammed a hockey puck through sideways. Ugly, ugly ugly. Fugly. If that's somebody's idea of a franchise-resurrecting super-ship, somebody had better think again.

I was gonna say, that auto inspection place is like the motherlode of Bootleg Toys.

Yes, that's the current version of Matsumoto's Great Yamato. It's fucking huge, supposedly. like that disc stuck up front is like two decks thick.

It's also got like 15 main gun turrets including 3 or 4 on the belly.

It might have been a cool toy, as a hunk of child killing zinc in 1979..I figure the pods on the wings would shoot something nasty and pointy....but as a re-imagining of the Yamato? suck city.

Good thing? It's Matsumoto. he's already forgotten about it, it seems :)

"A hunk of child killing zinc" ^_^

It gets worse, unfortunately. "Dai Yamato Zero Go" isn't so much a "Yamato" remake as it is an "Odin" remake. (Of all the things to pick up and run with...)

So in addition to the overblown ship design and a whisper-thin story, we are also treated to an ending song that is an even stronger mind-virus than "Searching for Odin my love." Seriously, after one listen it's in your head (and on the bottom of your shoe) forever!

Lately it seems that Matsumoto's pattern is to alternate between an awful project like "Dai Yamato" and a great one like "Galaxy Railways." I think that means we're due for a great one next. There's nowhere to go but up at the moment...

Everyone should hear Carl Horn's Matsumoto imitation, which sounds like a very senile Ronald Regan saying things like "Oh, that Tetsudo. He doesn't like to take baths!"

Also, I'm mid-way through watching Final Yamato on the Voyager DVD. Killer jet lag cure. Love the film, in spite of all the Odin-ish jokes that could probably be tossed at it.

Bought the deluxe hardcover. Missing the paperweight inside. It seems like half the book is dedicated to concept art of Kodai and Yuki "doing it."

Also...hello to Tim Eldred! The galaxies must be in collison again. I just ordered the Making of Yamato DVD. What do I have to do to get a Star Blazers Rebirth character named after me??

But you see, there's some kind of cruel irony at work, as Matsumoto had NOTHING to do with Odin...

I still don't understand why, given the tastes of the otaku market, such works as Sexaroid haven't been animated. Surely Matsumoto can't be ashamed of his 70's blowjob obsession, can he?

I've just discovered, to my hot burning tears of shame, that Enoki Films has been sitting on not only Sub Super99, but Bryger! Actually, all three of the J9 series, plus Acrobunch and Srungle! To quote Cartman: "Goddammit!"

Patrick, good score on the FY Hardcover. I am filled with loving envy.

WHAT? Enoki Films owns the rights to J9! Burasutaa Kiddo and all that?!

Carl, yes they do. The knowledge is too much for me to handle.

While I don't have much regard for Baxinger and Sasuraiger, I think Bryger could have a shot at success here in the US. 39 episodes isn't that much.

Of course, being Enoki Films, they've got a stupid name attached to it.

Head to the AWO site, click on their link to Enoki for Captain Tsubasa and surf from there. Be prepared to weep.

Hi, Patrick!

Yep, colliding galaxies for sure--I bought "Cruising" a few months ago and finally got around to reading it this past week. Wotta ride! I'm still trying to decide whether to be awestruck or nauseated by that guy you interviewed at the end with all the model kits and the ruined family...

Glad you decided to take a chance on the Yamato documentary. Hope you're pleased with it, since it was over 20 years in the making!

As for a Rebirth character, you're already on the short list. There's already a Patrick Orion, so I'll have to go with the last name. Keep watching.

Double congrats on scoring that hardcover; it is indeed a lovely book and it does look like absolutely everybody in the storyboard department took a crack at the sex scene whether Nish asked them to or not.

Speaking of hard things, here's a super-secret easter egg you can look for if you've got the Be Forever Final Deluxe hardcover. Flip to page 328 and take a really close look at the photo of Nish flanked by all the preteen girls from the fan club. It would appear Mr. N is VERY HAPPY to be in charge.

Kind of embarrassed to point this out but the link to the "Here's my dick" shirts doesn't work.

Or was that a trick?

Link fixed! Dick jokes ahoy!

For quick reference:

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