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TOKYO (Reuters) - Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi announced on Tuesday that Japan will withdraw its troops from Iraq, ending the Japanese military's riskiest and most ambitious overseas mission since World War Two...Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso said the troops had won high marks for their military discipline. "I think such views have made a very big contribution to improving the brand image of Japan as a country," he told a news conference ahead of the official announcement.


"Brand image"?


Japan has said its withdrawal from the southern city of Samawa had to be coordinated with Britain and Australia, whose troops provide security for the roughly 550 Japanese soldiers engaged in reconstruction and humanitarian work...Australian Prime Minister John Howard said the Australian troops would keep "looking after the Japanese until the Japanese have gone, and I expect that to be quite soon".


I'm sure that wasn't meant to sound quite so patronizing (and accurate).


Koizumi had stressed the need to back the United States in Iraq to ensure Washington comes to Japan's aid in the event of an attack by its unpredictable neighbour, communist North Korea.


Let's helping with peaceful effort in Iraq, so please please please to honor Security Treaty in case Kitachosen nuke Japan as like 'Gojira'! Ha ha! Please to honor! Please!

didnt a machine at xo ask u that 'do u have a members card'?????

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