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It is because of things, moments such as this that I love you. In a manly way, of course.

I wish to all hell that someone would have the guts to license shows such as Mach Baron or Zubat or Robot Detective K and release them in the US.

(please, fellow Patrick-philes, no rambling essays on the joys of HK bootlegs or bittorrents...I want to honor the creators with honest money for their honest work, mmkay? and yes I would totally buy the R2 Japanese DVDs had I the bread, but I would like them at least subbed with liner notes by Patrick and other knowledgable folk)

Well, maybe the upcoming Ultraman sets (first due 07/16/06) will open some eyes or some crap....

shit. your bus leaves japan like tomorrow right?
are you going back next year?

I spent the entire run of this show in Tehran, as usual. From the looks of Yu, it would appear he hasn't entirely abandoned his simian heritage.

"The bad guys are dressed like football players."

Just like high school!

I imagine I'll pop back into Tokyo once or twice before winter (probably to promote Otaku in USA), at which point I'll come back for my usual tourist visa stay/scam. Repeat till fade...

Meanwhile, I'm probably coming to Japantown today where I'll be modeling the Marui Men's summer collection at May's Coffee Shop.

looking forward to the book tour reports. is "otaku in usa" available in japanese and english?

What a theme song this show has!

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