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Wait...wait...Americans dream of seeing Yuki Mori nude? Where did that come from? And Minmay is Moe? I thought she was idol!

Patrick, what have you done? :)

You DO have to get this published in the US, you know. Surprised Stonebridge or Chronicle hasn't bit. I rather think it would be a good fit for Dark Horse as well.

Worse comes to worse? Self Publish! Hells bells man, between Amazon, The Right Stuf, a few other online anime shops if you couldn't sell 10k copies right off the bat I'll eat...something. something I shouldn't eat. Like a toy, or a book.

I'd love to read the book in English as well, but are the nerds of the American Otaku community ready to read about what humongous Sleestaks they all are?

I'd like to think they already know, but you know how "sense-a-teev" they are.

Also, did you use three pixels of my right buttcheek on that cover without my permission!? GOD!

I wish my Japanese was good enough to read this. But if Tomohiro Machiyama translated it into Japanese from English, will bringing it out in English be that hard, aside from finding a publisher? I'll probably end up buying it in Japanese, anyway.

The thing is, it's not really a cold-hearted Slam Book attack on our dear American otaku. It's more about just presenting the terrifyingf facts and letting people like Kojiro Abe and Fred Patten speak for themselves. The reader can then come up with their own snarky jokes if they feel so inclined.

Also, I don't know why anyone would buy this in English. Does anyone really want to read about the startling news that in America, Gatchaman was retitled Battle of the Planets and was re-edited so it happened in outer space?

Still, if someone wanted to put it out, I wouldn't say no to the money. Tomo and I both have the original text in English.

hey, does that say "love and misunderstanding" on the cover? I don't see what's so funny about that.

Seriously, looks like an amazing book and what I'm interested in reading are what the Japanese think about it. That means I want the Japanese reaction to an American writing a book in Japan about fans in America who like Japanese cartoons. Then we all spin around so fast we turn into butter.

Yeah, the subtitle of the book is "Love and Misunderstanding! The history of adapted Anime in America!"

The Nazi in the corner is the most vital detail. If this ever gets released in English, I'm totally on board for this torture oni hell ride.

But however would one get a couple hundred people to fire off some correspondence to Stone Bridge or Palgrave or whomever? Hmm, perhaps it's time for the TM/PM tag team to do a run-in on the AWO!

(looks up)

Oh yeah, I was supposed to email Dave!

"humongous Sleestaks?" Put that on a XXXL t-shirt and wear it to the Jumbo Happy Big Buffet...

I think Dave's got the hook for the US edition. The Japanese take on what America did to these shows. Reactions to the news. Fan Circle OUTRAGE!

Of course, if it's like most 'old school' Japanese discussions on such things, it'll all be "well, they know best how to sell such things" and "We have complete faith and trust the show will be treated with respect" and the ever popular "well, that's a different approach..."

As for why English speaking people would want to read it, some of the material would definitely be familiar, but having all of it in one place would be convenient. And if it's 300 pages, that's a lot of information, especially if it also covers non-anime Japanese pop culture in the US. Also, as others have said, reading a book about American fan culture specifically aimed at the Japanese would be cool.

Also, will the book have a lot of pictures?

very cool, but--i was asked to write a book on the same subject in japan years ago, when i lived in tokyo. i fast learned that japanese publishers offer no advances and little in the way of royalties. no cash.
did you have different experience?

As with all book deals, it really depends who you are dealing with...and who is doing the dealing (my editor and translator, who is also a best-selling author in Japan, basically took the proposal to his publisher, which is how I got in). Were you talking to a major publisher or a little guy?

Also, are you, like, Matt Alt's long-lost brother or evil twin?

Honestly, I think your book in english would be great reading when on the toilet doing #3. Please reconsider!

I would buy this book in a heartbeat! I just love having to find out how much of this occured over the years.

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Fuck you, Ooh!Japan.

OK, I have to ask, because I'm a nosey nelly...

Patrick, that fuck you to Ohh!Japan has the sound of intense burning...something. Do you know something that I, as a casual fanboy, wouldn't know, such as they raped you and didn't say thank you or something? Or they're just the usual clueless overpriced because the gaijin don't know any better idiots?

Or MAYBE they're just drive-by spammers and need to die die die?

Tell the tale, man.

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