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"Machiyama: I am part of the generation that was really traumatized by Godzilla Vs Monster Zero."

Yes, I was too. Time to start a 12 step group...

she was hot. I was scared of her in Final Wars. I like her X-seijin style much better than the Matrix wannabes, altho the new X-seijin had their moments. Please tell me the old guy who gets shot was someone I should know from one of the old G Movies. He rocked.

And of course "GO RIGHT THROUGH IT!"

Hey, Tokyoshock has released another Zero Woman film, the last one I guess (1973). It doesn't have liner notes from you so i have to ask, is it worth buying? Is it a good example of 'pink' or should I walk on by? Can anyone talk Sirabella into getting the Truck Yaro films?

Why am I typing like this is a telegraph message? I BLAME GODZILLA!

"Kumi Mizuno was one of the first actresses that I could recognize and paid attention to."

When Howard Stern had Jane Fonda's son on his show, he was rather more blunt, admitting in his youth he had masturbated to images of Barbarella. The comment in JAPAN EDGE that Nastassja Kinski "was my first video girl ai" lies somewhere in between, perhaps. If anyone has that ORGUSS dimensional bomb handy, it occurs to me there are genuine possibilities in having the EVANGELION live-action film be directed in 1975 by Wim Wenders, with Nastassja as Asuka. We will simplify the plot a little by writing out Shinji, and having Klaus Kinski play Gendo, and now, in the words of Streamline Pictures, we're cooking with gas.

How about that "JAPANESE CAST," though? I think it's in the same font they used for "COLORED DRINKING FOUNTAIN."


P.S. "It's awfully considerate of you to think of me here;
And I'm most obliged to you for making it clear that I'm not here."

I'm only amused "UPA" would be associated in later years for these dubs of Toho classics. The "JAPANESE CAST" threw me in for a loop! :-)

You should've asked Kumi if she knew she'd been in a Woody Allen movie. Hell, you should've asked if she'd even seen WHAT'S UP TIGER LILY?

Sorry I left out Tiger Lily...I *did* ask her about her first film,Kichigai Burakumin, which has to be one of the most offensive movie titles imaginable in Japanese. No wonder that Hiho cut all mention of it from print.

She is my favorite japanese actress. Does the know how to speak even a tiny bit of english yet?

None. No English at all besides “Kumi, I love you! I love you!”

She was gorgeous. What has she been doing since she stopped acting in Godzilla movies after the 60's?

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