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I felt like I was driving down the road and my radio was skipping along random channels. It's a good thing.

But nothing says GUTS like the Getta Robo opening theme. Damn. Sitting here on my computer and I STILL rock out to that, singing along. So much fucking ENERGY you feel like something has grabbed you and ZOOM!

It's not just Sasaki. Is that music by Kikuchi? I'm so ignorant.

Check out the slanty eyes on Steve! Yeah, the Getta Robo theme was written by Shunsuke Kikuchi with vocals by Sasaki. The same combo also did the equally energizing Casshan and Grandizer themes...

I got a real kick having to listen to this mix!

Being reminded of having to find a lot of those giant robot themes from a number of places in mp3 form I keep listening to over and over!

I kept waiting for the X Bomber theme to pop up while listening to this, now I'm just wondering what the actual title is for Track 8 ^^.

Either way schweet job on the mix! I may have to include Hot Tears of Shame on the list for personalized promos for R5 Central's One Year Anniversary ^_~

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