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I was reading a guide to the old Popeye cartoons, which are supposedly all being released on DVD next year. We'll see if they include 1942's "You're a Sap, Mr. Jap," and "Scrap the Japs." I wrote down my favorite slurs:

"I'm gonna sock ya in ya Jap pan."
"Come back here, ya double-crossing Japanzees."
"I never seen a Jap that wasn't yella."

At one point a Japanese battleship is revealed to be a clumsy stage prop, pieces of which break off. "Just like their toys and matches" is the comment.

I think Nick Adams would have made a great Popeye.

Since it's Warner Bros. releasing the Popeye cartoons, I suspect the 'questionable' cartoons will be MIA.

Altho they may deem offending the Japanese is 'safe' compared to...well...you know.

We'll have a better idea when Warner Bros releases their super duper remastered and beautiful'40s Superman cartoons..if Japoteurs makes the cut then anything is possible...

Being rather late to the ball, the first time I ever actually saw any of the Fleischer Superman cartoons in full was on the Sci-Fi channel, of all things. Since then, I don't think I have ever seen a DVD or even a video file that did NOT quickly and abruptly cut Clark off mid-sentence when he asked Perry "chief, don't you think that job is a little too dangerous for a woman?" in what I believe was the infamous Mechanical Monsters short. It's always "Chief, don't you think that job's a little too dangerou--[abrupt fade to next scene]." These very same DVDs are proud to contain the Japoteurs short. Perhaps I just imagined Clark Kent's nostalgic 1930s sexism.

One last thing, Patrick: is there any way for folks who haven't been reading this gorgeous mindwalk for the last two years or so to check out the earlier installments of the Colonel Baldwin/Pedro Edogawa/Gerotan/ESPY/Counter-ESPY Monogatari? I refuse to believe that this blog software deletes old posts, so it's probably possible to throw in some sort of archives link on the sidebar.

Oh hey, how about that. You can actually click the Archives link to get more than just the last ten months.

I'll just go stuff a pillow under my shirt then drive 75 miles so that I can have a picnic in a public park while claiming to be obese now.

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