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Cool. It's like something out of Harmony Korine. Plus, I was already fond of anime and leeks.

I think it's more a reflection of the disassociation with real life when encountering YouTube and Google Video... or America's Funniest Home Videos... or ...
actually that guy starts rocking out towards the end, he's not disassociated! He's gettin' down!

One of the most interesting things I turned up in tracing the Leekspin meme back to it's "Animuatations" ancestors was this interview with Neil Cicierega.

Q: Where do you find the music for your animations?

A: Last summer Jules, a friend of mine, used to bring over CDs he got from Japan featuring several Pokémon songs. I liked them so much they stuck with me. Finally, one day I cracked and had to find some MP3s to make music videos out of.

We know Jules better as "Kojiro Abe."

I really wish I knew the history of that flash movie; I'm pretty sure it's somehow 4chan's fault, but I'm not quite certain.

Well, if high-powered reputable websites like this are going to link to jdigital, I guess I should get him to put the real lyrics up.

With double monitors for my work computer, having the animation on one and the kid on the other, it looks just like a video installation suitable for the Tate Modern (Turner Prize, please). Plus with the 70s experimental music coming off the radio (I forgot to shut it off), I wonder if any of this syncs with "Dark Side of the Moon" or something.

And yes, this was totally work-related...and lunchtime.

The song in the background is called Leva's Polka, from the Finnish group Loituma. The flash itself is known as Leekspin, as already noted by Patrick, but it's also been called Lolituma, as a combination of the little-anime-girl fetish "Loli" and the group's original name. I believe credit for the Lolituma flash goes to either 4chan or Something Awful; not too long ago there was a discussion on 4chan's /b/ (Random) board about the apparent theft of the Leekspin flash by Jamster for use in a commercial featuring a dancing person in a cow costume.
A bit of random information there...

bullshit the leekspin is from the anime Bleach and she's like 15 or 16, hardly loli. and isn't this stuff just dadaism? you know back in the day before the internet--random, crazy paintings and films. like "un chien andalou" and other stuff by salvador dali. it's just a search for enjoyable or thought-provoking art without any meaning whatsoever.

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