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Oh, man, what a bringdown that movie was. What crap!

I honestly can't recall too much about it other than the sheer sadness that not one drop of that beautiful errie poster was in the film. Actually, there were several posters, all done by...urrrrmmm...Noriyoshi Ohrai?

And the weird song, scored by the guy who did Galaxy Express 999 which is SO out of place...

That's the kind of rad artwork that doesn't really need an accompanying movie.

Yeah, that artwork rocks. Reminds me of the artwork for Atari's Missle Command. Also reminds me of Richard Powers stuff in a strange way...


Actually, the first thought through my head was that the poster reminded me of the box top to Milton Bradley's Fortress America.

This is a gorgeous poster. The movie was so sad and beautifully animated, but I don't agree that the music sounded wrong. It was much better in the original Japanese movie. Although yeah, the poster is wayyy to epic for how boring/depressing that movie got. xD

I've only seen Future War once, a long time ago during the VHS days. I remember it mostly from the trailer being on the end of nearly every Toei Video release of that era. I don't think this one ever made it to DVD, but it looks like there are torrents of some kind of transfer. Thanks for reminding me to dig this one up again...

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