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ahhhhhhh Looks like another night of Hubert Wong and Janell Inoye fighting over the prowess of one MAAACIAASSS. Huahhhhhhhh Patreeeeek you can run from us but you can't hide. It's late nighht over in the states and me and my compatriate Mitchell , or I should say Doctor Nagao and I have just finished watching our favorite 911 conspiracy piece and I think of you. My parents the famous Bob and Sharon have moved to Florida, and alas I'm an orphan...... Must take break......Mitch and I are going to smoke.....Mitch passed out and its only me. The Rents left me my whole childhood in 2 tuberware bins. I open the first....... Pigman stares back at me blankly.... Whoaaa I can't remember the last time I thought of Pigman. Tami, my love, doesn't understand. But God Dammit this is my whole life being forced into a pathetically small piece of plastic. I take a deep breath and I long for the Days of Tom Baker and the Taardis. I uncover another piece or should I say memory.... My Cruiser Brother Shades...... Thudddd.... My adolescent life is flashing before my very eyes. Patyrick, my friends don't refer to me as a nostaligic being, but the present situation is extremely hard to comprehend. I know you are ( I think 18 hours ahead) but all I think of iss a nice stroll thru the Ho Chi Minh Trail, maybe a jaunt to Wenzel and I swear this time I'll make that Ho Nancy put out. Nippon is very far away and I got it good in the scheme of things but there's times when we miss you, And this is one of those times for me. Starblazers'....Cap'n Mitch( not the crazy Asian) ...., It all floods back as if it were yesterday.. Pat , I would like to hear from you. Acknowledge me, or does the cat got your tounge. My e-mail is [email protected] It's late summer and I really wanna see tonight. I'm not talking 'bout religion and I don't wanna chamge your mind. But there's warm wind blow'in the stars 2 nite.........

Ohhh, the Sister Streetfighter box is still go? HOORAY! And you're involved?! MUST BUY! This seems to be under the radar (BCI/Navarre has some of the most inconsistant PR work, even worse than Voyager at times!) so got a street date so I can bug someone at Best Buy about it?

(it's the one thing I hate about the death of Suncoast. Not just the *access* to information, the fact there isn't a store where you can go and order the thing easily and simply. I would have broken all the rules and made sure My Store would have 6 of these on hand)

Now, to risk mocking. I've never been on board with the current rage of "asian women are TEH HOT" (I don't base my interest on such a narrow thing) but I have to say that for some reason, 'Sue' Shihomi was one of the most drop dead sexy women ever. I think it's the combo of seeming vunerablity, even innocent and a sense of confidence and kick ass attitude. Throw her in with Sonny Chiba and sparks fly.

I've probably said too much.

I'm with you Steve. Putting up a poster in her honor now...

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