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It would have been LOL if you used Shinji and Kawaru doujin instead of that for a omake.

Jack Chic? Anyway, I wonder when he is going to do a comic about these amoral Japanese cartoons who teaches kids homosexuality.

I've argued that we *know* anime and manga haven't really made it big yet in the West, because JTC hasn't done a tract denouncing them. Rock, yes. Wicca, yes. Drugs, yes. Even fucking D&D, yes. But no J-popular media. There *are,* however, several Chick tracts available in Japanese, of which my favorite (since it's a campus comedy) is BIG DADDY?

I played the live-action film version of Chick's ANGELS? to a crowd at Loft Plus One in Shinjuku and it bombed hard. Go figure.

As Japanese, perhaps the colorfully animated version of SOMEBODY GOOFED might have found favor. But I'll bet Mamoru Oshii (the only director I've handed a Bible to) would have nodded in solemn agreement: "Kenji Kawai is under strict instructions not to rock with the rock."

I'm all for denouncing the evils of Pedro and his "Sexy Man" conspiracy via Chick Tracts.

I think I asked Carl about this a long time ago but do they have these Chick comics in Japan? I know there was some AUM comics but I just wonder if there is a anime-drawn version of this? If not, well we should get together and create one! Well for shits and giggles that is..

There are something like five of the tracts in Japanese editions, although what kind of distribution they receive in Japan, I don't know. We rarely see them here, but some people in Japan make doujinshi in mini-sizes, and with staples (or no binding at all). It would be interesting to sell Chick tracts at Comike. Or--better yet--slip them into H doujinshi for sale. A powerful salvation message!

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