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Wow. You know you want to swing us the highlights from that Musume connection bit.

Now that's how the barclords do it! That Rock n' Roll Deathbot looks like Nash Kato...

Best part (paraphrase):

Host: "What? You don't know much about Morning Musume?"

Machiyama: "No. But Patrick does. You know, that otaku yaro who wrote 'Otaku in USA.' He taught me all about this."

Host (knowingly): Oh, him. Yeah. He's a maniac.

And on Machiyama's in-show recommendation, I took a look at the customer reviews on Morning Musume products on Amazon.com. The soundbite that sums the MoMuse phenomenon up best, from a customer's description of a CD called "Best Morning Musume V.1": "a wall of puberty lashing out without mercy."

"That otaku yaro"

Will this become Patrick's offical 'hanko' stamp? I'd love to see some old stamp maker carve that slowly and lovingly into some forbidden African Elephant ivory...

I'm now picturing Patrick starring in a OTAKU YARO trucker series; however, in keeping with the otaku ethic, Patrick will do it while carrying around the toy version of the truck.

Shoot, Carl, let's find a showrunner and pitch this! Hell, I've already got a couple script ideas...

Patrick, the Otaku Yaro Trucker, has his precious toy truck STOLEN, because the thief thinks it's actually the key to a hidden treasure!Can Patrick rescue his toy truck from shame and destruction AND deliver his cargo?

Special guest star Demi Moore.

There's more...have your agent call my service :)

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